Season 6 is the sixth Season of Road to Avonlea. It was aired from January to April 1995 and has 13 episodes.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Name Air Date
RtA 6-1.png The Return of Gus Pike 15.01.1995
RtA 6-2.png Lonely Hearts 15.01.1995
RtA 6-3.png Christmas in June 22.01.1995
RtA 6-4.png Fools and Kings 29.01.1995
RtA 6-5.png Comings and Goings 05.02.1995
RtA 6-6.png The Trouble with Davey 12.02.1995
RtA 6-7.png Great Expectations 19.02.1995
RtA 6-8.png A Fox Tale 26..02.1995
RtA 6-9.png The More Things Change 05.03.1995
RtA 6-10.png Home is Where the Heart Is 12.03.1995
RtA 6-11.png What a Tangled Web We Weave 19.03.1995
RtA 6-12.png A Time to Every Purpose 26.03.1995
RtA 6-13.png Homecoming 02.04.1995

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