Road to Avonlea Movie

The Movie

Road to Avonlea: The Movie is a movie. The film appeared in 1990 to make people aware of the series.


When Blair Stanley is accused of having committed a felony, he sends his daughter Sara Stanley to Avonlea, where she is to live with relatives of her deceased mother. In Avonlea, Sara learns about her new life, her aunts Hetty and Olivia King and her cousins and cousins.

After some time there are problems that adults are needed elsewhere. Sara's older cousin Felicity King takes responsibility for the family. Sara has to decide whether she stays in Avonlea or returns to her father.


Name Role
Sarah Polley Sara Stanley
Gema Zamprogna Felicity King

Behind the scenesEdit

Differences to the seriesEdit

In the series, Sara doesn't have to decide whether to stay in Avonlea or return to her father, because her father dies during the second season.

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