Jo Pitts was a character and Sara Stanley's lookalike in Road to Avonlea.

Jo had a checkered past. She was a dirty and homeless girl who resorted to stealing to survive. She was also rude with manners to match.

She first met Sara during the time Hetty was making Sara's life more miserable than ever after Olivia married and moved out. Olivia warned Hetty that she was smothering Sara, like she smothered her and Ruth. After being pushed over the edge, Sara decided to switch places with Jo and run away from home. Unfortunately, Jo wasn't accustomed to all things "proper" and caused trouble for everyone to the point of Hetty thinking that Sara should be committed.

After Sara and Gus escaped from being held captive by Gus' father, and returned to Avonlea, Sara was shocked at the damage Jo caused and Gus found Jo and brought her back to Hetty's house. Everyone was horrified at what Jo was and wanted to lock her up, but Gus pointed out that all her life, she had no one and prison would make her hard and mean.

Hetty suggested that Jo needed a "normal" life like everyone else and they would discuss it over dinner. Jo decided to leave instead, because she didn't fit. After she left, Hetty became more understanding towards Sara.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Year Title Actress
1990-1996 Road to Avonlea Sarah Polley


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