Incident at Vernon River is the third episode of Season 4 of Road to Avonlea and was aired on January 24, 1993.


Felix King wants a hunting rifle for his birthday, but his father rejects the wish because Felix is not old enough and instead gives him a telescope. When his friends want to go hunting, Felix takes his father's rifle without permission.


Name Role
Zachary Bennett Felix King
Lally Cadeau Janet King
Cedric Smith Alec King
Harmony Cramp Cecily King
Gema Zamprogna Felicity King
Zachary Ansley Arthur Pettibone
Mark Bigney Morgan Pettibone
Heather Brown Izzy Pettibone
Alex and Ryan Floyd Daniel King
Michael Mahonen Gus Pike
David Fox Clive Pettibone
Elva Mai Hoover Elvira Lawson
James Mainprize Duncan Kincaid
Luke Digger