Happy Christmas, Miss King

The Movie

Happy Christmas, Miss King is a movie. The film appeared in 1990 to make people aware of the series.


The film is set at the time of World War I. In Avonlea, people are preparing for Christmas. Hetty King is planning a concert with the schoolchildren and learns that the arrival of a new pastor is imminent.

Felix King is a soldier in the war. His mother Janet King tries not to think of him, but one day Cecily King receives a message: Felix is missing. Hetty tries to comfort Janet. Other soldiers from Avonlea are also falling and Janet is increasingly opposed to the war.

When Hetty tries to focus on the concert again, she meets Wilfried Ainsley, a former student of[[[Avonlea school]]. But then it is determined that Hetty has a tumor and needs surgery. When Janet and Alec King visit Hetty at the Charlottetown Hospital, Hetty doesn't talk to Janet. She worries about Felix and thinks he wouldn't have become a soldier without Hetty, who persuaded him.

All the inhabitants of Avonlea want to help Hetty. Felicity King studies the concert with the students. Hetty's surgery is successful and her tumor turns out to be benign. Wilfried Ainsley visits her in the Hospital of Charlottetown of Charlottetown and tells her that he will take care of the concert.

The concert is very successful and at Christmas dinner the King family comes together again and gets along. Felix returns to Avonlea healthy, too.


Beruf Name
Director Stefan Scaini
Producer Kevin Sullivan
Producer Trudy Grant
Producer Ray Sager


Role Actor
Hetty King Jackie Burroughs
Janet King Lally Cadeau
Olivia Dale Mag Ruffman
Alec King Cedric Smith
Felix King Zachary Bennett
Rachel Lynde Patricia Hamilton
Felicity Pike Gema Zamprogna
Cecily King Molly Atkinson
Daniel King Ryan Cooley
Eliza Ward Kay Tremblay
Montgomery Dale Asa Perlman
Mabel Sloane Kay Hawtrey
Gurney MacDonald John Weir
Ada Hubble Patricia Vanstone
Libby Hubble Lauren Collins
Hannah Lester Alexa Gilmour
Margaret Powell Ferne Downey
Clara Potts Maja Ardal
Maud Maguire Maggie Huculak
Edgar Dean Graham Losee
Duffy Dean Benjamin Weatherspoon
Alden Dean James Downing
Marley Dean Nola Augustson
Elbert Werts Marc Marut
Canadian Colonel Jef Mallory
Rodney/Farm Hand Charles Boyland
Wilfried Ainsley Dan Chameroy
Alice Taylor Phillips
Lt. Governor Adam Bramble
Arthur Pettibone Zachary Ansley
Dr. Paige R.D. Reid
Jasper Dale R.H. Thomson
Stuart MacRae David Ferry
Gus Pike Michael Mahonen
Duffy Dean Cody Jones
Sara Stanley Sarah Polley
Muriel Pettibone Marilyn Lightstone
Izzy Pettibone Heather Brown
Stagehand Chris Benson
Matron Dawn Greenhalgh
Shop Girl Stephanie Graham
Farmerin Diana Belshaw
Plaintive Girl Rudy Smith-Merovitz
Dancerin Linda Callow


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