Gus Pike was a sailor from Avonlea and the son of Abe and Eliza Pike and later the husband of Felicity King.

If Gus was very young, his father gave him to an orphanage. He later became a sailor and visited the West Indies. After that, his ship went to Nova Scotia and Gus returned to Avonlea.

In February 1907, Suzette Moreau, the niece of Pierre La Pierre, visited her uncle. She flirted with Gus, causing tension between Gus and his beau Felicity King. Before the dance on Valentine's Day Gus locked Suzette in a closet to be able to dance with Felicity undisturbed. When Suzette's uncle found his niece, Felicity Gus showed the cold shoulder.

Once, Gus disappeared in Charleston, South Carolina, and Felicity and Hetty King made a search for him. Odelia called Felicity to tell her that Gus was still alive. The manufacturer Horace Beck helped them in the search for Gus. He also found him and encouraged him to speak with Felicity.

Robert Rutherford once pursued the beautiful Amanda Stone, but Gus helped her to hide in a lighthouse.

The tension healed though, and after Gus came back to Avonlea from sailing, he and Felicity tied the knot. They married.


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