Eliza Ward was the cousin of Winifred Ward, the aunt of Walter Ward and Janet King and the great-aunt of Felicity, Felix, Cecily and Daniel King.

Owen Briar was an old love of Eliza and Winifred Ward. He was a soldier and liked Winifred, but later fell in love with Eliza. Then he had to go to war and Winifred, who wanted to be closer to him, became a nurse, but Owen continued to love Eliza. Winifred was supposed to give Eliza a silver chest from Owen, but she was too proud to do so and kept it. Owen fell in the war.

In December 1910, Eliza celebrated her 90th birthday. Winifred also came. She has since suffered from dementia and admitted that she had kept Owens's chest for Eliza at the time and regretted it. She died shortly after Eliza's birthday.

Once Eliza took her great-nephew Daniel on vacation.

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Year Title Actress
1990-1996 Road to Avonlea Kay Tremblay


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