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All That Glitters is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Road to Avonlea and was aired on January 27, 1991.


Sara Stanley finds a Spanish gold coin and proposes to everyone to seek a treasure. Ezekiel Crane tells her that on Prince Edward Island there is a lot of buried loot from pirates from which the gold coin comes from.


Name Role
Sarah Polley Sara Stanley
Zachary Bennett Felix King
Jackie Burroughs Hetty King
Cedric Smith Alec King
Gema Zamprogna Felicity King
Lally Cadeau Janet King
Peter Donaldson Reverend Leonard
Anna Ferguson Mrs. Biggins
Michael Mahonen Gus Pike
Patricia Hamilton Rachel Lynde
Elva Mai Hoover Elvira Lawson
Tom Butler Captain Borden
Michael York Ezekiel Crane
Ron Bell Stunt
Larry McLean Stunt